Why Speech and Drama?

You may have noticed there's been a small tweak of our logo.
We've lost our "voice"
We're now Making a Scene Speech and Drama Academy.
It's a much better fit...and sends a clear message to the world that we do...
Speech and Drama.
And that's perfect!
This term isn't used by our national acting institutes.
Well, drama became a UE subject in the 1990s and the move away from colonialism to create a Kiwi voice in performing arts and broadcasting saw speech and drama as being a little too Brittish.
But, I think they've thrown the baby out with the bath water.
In an attempt to find their voice they've lost the ability to speak!
But the term Speech and Drama has greater recognition internationally.
And that matters to me.
For example, the industry leader in England is The Central School of (wait for it...)
Speech and Drama
For me it's about more than acting, it's about using language to motivate, to move, to engage on stage
But it's more than that...
It's because your child deserves international recognition for their skills and training.
We're here to support them every step of their Speech and Drama journey.
So it's is perfect to list here all our exam students this year who have reached a very high level of success in their grade exams with our national Speech and Drama examining body, Speech New Zealand, ( a distinctly NZ approach to speech and drama)

Personal Branding - The Authentic You

 When I explain to my teenage students that they have 7 seconds to make a first impression they catch on fast. They understand they are their brand and represent themselves authentically on stage. They use their clothes, posture, and vocal tone consistently for impact. They get personal branding far better than the previous generation who  seem to have a hangover from the days when jeans were loose and t-shirts were large. We all know it's important but how do we make personal branding work for us. Last year I heard Australia's leading personal brand expert Collete Werden share her secrets at Sydney's Wired for Wonder conference and came back inspired.

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